Admissions Policy

The 1st Histon Scout Group has more young people wishing to join the Scout Group than we have places available. As such we have a Waiting List. This document outlines the policy in allocating places to Young People within the various sections of the Scout Group. This document has been drawn up and agreed by the Scout Executive Committee.

Waiting List

Boys and girls can be added to the waiting list from the term after they turn four years of age. As term dates vary each year, we use the following dates:

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts Selection Criteria

There is a central waiting list for all sections. When the number of young people on the waiting list exceeds the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied (in this order) when vacancies arise in any section:

  1. Places will be given if a parent is, or becomes, a uniformed Leader within one of the Sections in the Group, or is a Leader in another uniformed youth group who lives in the villages of Histon and Impington. At the discretion of the Section Leaders, this may be applied in the case of a parent who commits to being a permanent helper.
  2. Places will be given if a parent does hold, or at the Executive Committee's discretion will hold, Priority Roles on the 1st Histon Group Scout Executive Committee. These roles are outlined in the Appendix.
  3. Places will be given to those living in the villages of Histon and Impington north of the A14.
  4. Young people who move into the area who are already in Beavers, Cubs or Scouts will be treated as if they are currently members of the 1st Histon Scout Group with respect to the selection criteria including length of service.
  5. If the numbers of young people on the waiting list fulfilling the residence condition exceed the places available in their designated section, places will be given to those who have been longest on the waiting list, providing they will have at least one year in that section before reaching the correct age for the next section:
    • Beavers: 6 to 8 years
    • Cub Scouts: 8 to 10.5 years
    • Scouts: 10.5 to 14 years

It is the Group's aim to ensure a person who is within the 1st Histon Scout Group will be able to continue through Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. However in exceptional circumstances when available places do not meet current demand additional criteria for selecting members for transferring between sections is outlined below:

If at any point in the above selection there exceeds places for young people with no obvious way of discriminating between the eligible young people then a lottery will be drawn at the executive meeting, or by the waiting list coordinator witnessed by an executive body member or leader, prior to the term of entry.

An example of this might be where there are 3 available places and 4 eligible young people with the same length of service wanting to move on to the next section. The unsuccessful person would automatically be put forward for selection at the next intake.

If a young person wishes to transfer between the two Cub packs and the other pack is full, they will be given priority entrance when the next place becomes available in the desired pack in line with either no.5 on the standard priority criteria, or in exceptional circumstances meet additional criteria as any other member of the group.

Scouting is open to boys and girls. If a young person has special needs, admission will be at the discretion of the Section Leaders, and may be on the basis of a trial period.


If a parent wishes to appeal this policy they are invited to make a representation and put forward their case to the Scout Executive Committee where a final decision will be made.

Policy Revision

Adopted by Adrian Nicholas, Scout Executive Committee Chairman on 25 January 2017.

Appendix: Priority Roles on the 1st Histon Group Executive